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Yes, I do prefer to stay away from this subject. I know people who left my Tai Chi (Taiji) class because I was not philosophical enough. They never came close to me enough to understand how much I like traditional Chinese thought and how much I enjoy discussing it. That’s too sad really.

Some people might think that my last post was boring, as well as my view on the subject. I thought I might just try to “balance” it with a more personal view and with my own experience on this thing called Love Qi. The thing is that Tai Chi and Qigong practice really does something with the body, though I wouldn’t call it “magic”. Relaxation and calmness together with focus and movement does have an impact on the body. This kind of practice seems to “get the system going”. As a beginner, when you stand there and relax, doing basic exercises, you will feel warmth from inside. Relaxing in the Tai Chi way can really make you sweat. In the first class I held and in one of the first sessions, there was a man who nearly fainted. He had to sit down, but all we had done was some “wuji” standing and “lift hands” exercises.

The more intense and often you practice Tai Chi form and Qigong, the more easy you will have to feel small sensations. It might be tingling, warmth and similar. First you will probably just feel it in your hands and later, you might have a small tingling sensation moving up the back of your head. It might have to do with the blood circulation gets going. Or if you want, feel free to call it “Qi”. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You won’t be able to do anything special with this sensation either. It’s not a super power. Although some people believe that with some practice they should be able to use “Qi” to start fire or heal others.

I will only go as far as stating that I believe that with some years of practice, how long I don’t know, it should possible to “heat up” the body quite easily. This will probably won’t mean anything more than the fact that you will be able to relax and focus better. I remember when I was traveling in Shanghai with my wife. That day we had been out late and it was a bit chilly in the evening. As we sat down in the hotel room, she complained about her cold hands. I felt them and they were really cold. Mine was almost as cold as well. But I said something like: “Hold on for a second”. I put my hands close together and starting to move in small circles. I held them facing each other but not touching each other and I moved them slowly. Just after about one or two minutes I said: “Come here.” and I took her hands in mine. She could feel how warm they had become and she said: “Now I believe in Qi.”