Sometimes the only problem of tai chi practice is that you think too much. Often when you worry about what you do or if you do something wrong, it’s possible that your thoughts will trigger you do make mistakes. Worry doesn’t lead to anything good. Thinking too much will distract you from feeling. Or even from the practice itself.

If your body hurts or feel uncomfortable you can stop practicing until you meet your teacher or find some other authority to ask. But still, your problems are not reasons enough to worry about your practice.

A bigger reason for worrying is maybe when you stand at a threshold, when you don’t know how to develop further, how to take your art to the next level, or when nothing seems to be good enough. If you are standing there right know, I can offer you the consolation and share my experiece that the harder it seems to overcome the problems, the closer you are to a solution. It’s always like this. First, in order to develop further, you must realise that you have certain problems, or that you are not as good as you thought. Of course, it will feel hard. But don’t give up.

The most important as always when you worry, or think too much is just to tell yourself and your overheated brain to shut the fuck up and practice! Don’t think, just keep on practicing. Can it really be simple as that, you may ask. And my answer is yes. And actually you can never tell your brain too many times to have a nice cup of STFU!