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The very first lesson for about 25 years ago I learned three things about form practice. When you practice a Tai Chi form you should always:

  • Relax
  • Care for your balance,
  • Have a calm, focused mind.

There are other, obvious things, like you practice it slow and at an even pace. But this is the three most basic points of Tai Chi Form practice.


Relax means that you always try to feel your body, feel where you get tensions and where you tense up. Relax does not being limp, but being able to control your tension as you move and not tense up.


Care for your balance means that you must always distinguish full from empty, carefully shift your wieght and be straight and aligned. You should feel your centerline and know how to be in balance all of the time.


Being calm and focused means that you will occupy your mind with your tai chi practice and don’t think about other things. It means that you don’t let thoughts take in command of your mind, focus on the movements and your body. The mind as well as the heart should be empty (kong).

If you can keep these three principles at all time when you practice, your Tai Chi will get a good start. And yes, it actually is as simple as that.