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Large or small movements does not matter for the quality of Tai Chi. Both have their own prerequisites. And if you have internalized the principles of form practice, the external expression doesn’t really matter.

But I have always been intrigued by how some teachers perform their large frame. They show such confidence and elegance through their movements. Large movements should be bold and show confidence. I believe that this is very important. But “acting big” should also feel comfortable and be second nature. This might sound very obvious. But I will tell you, it isn’t. People do not realize themselves if they perform their Tai Chi with a high status body expression or a low status body expression. How they do it might correspond with your own confidence or lack of confidence. And they don’t really understand how to express something through their body language.

But here is something I feel very important. Act and feel confident when you practice form. Mind your body language when you practice. You can teach yourself confidence through the awareness of it, and your body can teach you many other impotant things just if you let it do so. If you don’t understand what I mean, just watch the clip below. Do you think you can incorporate her advice or at least some of it’s meaning in your everyday Tai Chi practice?