So know I will share some thoughts about Xingyi and how it affects people with asthma. I will also share some experience about how I easily cured myself from back pain using this art.

For about 5 years ago I was still involved in the largest Hung Gar organization in Sweden. What I did could be described as “quality control” of their Tai Chi practice and teaching. At one time I introduced Xingyiquan for a group. I just showed a couple of the fists, the Santi shi (Santi standing/posture) and a couple of two man exercises. It was all very simple and basic. And frankly, my skill and knowledge back then was quite limited as I had only started my discovery of this fine “sister art” of Tai Chi just a few years earlier.

After the session a 15 year old girl approach me. She wanted to know where she could study Xingyi. Why? Well, she explained that she had asthma and that she hadn’t been able to breath as good for quite a long time. I don’t remember exactly for how long and how she explained it for me. But I remember she was almost a little bit shocked. Appearently this one hour session had done a lot for her. Now, remember that she already studied Hung Gar, a quite hard and physically demanding style. But the Xingyi had done something that her Hung Gar and other physical practice could not do.

So why is this “internal” Kung Fu style so special? Or is it really? I have no idea what happened to this young lady. If I may speculate, it has to do with the Santi posture and it’s principles. With the Santi shi, you will “open up” and relax the chest and back as you align the body through the “6 harmony principle”. The Santi shi will more or less force the body to “act natural” and force you to breath deep and natural.

This is how I would explain it. But it’s more or less a guess if it was this exercise that did the trick. And by the way, I have cured myself from back pain through Santi shi practice. Twice. The first time I had helped some people to lifted boxes, but the place where we put the boxes was a small corridor, so you have to twist and bend your body to get them into place. I knew it was not a good thing to do when I did this. The next day I could hardly move out of bed. I tried to rest a couple of days. I had pain and I could hardly raise myself up from a chair. I got fed up with it and tried to practice just to put my thoughts on something other. Standing in Santi felt just enough and I tried it. After just a few minutes, I felt how much body posture changed, and my spine straightened up as I relaxed the muscles of the back. After that session, no longer than ten minutes, I had no more pain or trouble with my back. A year later, I screwed up my back again, and I knew exactly how to cure the pain.

Anyway, I recommend Xingyi practice as well as Tai Chi. I wish that I could participate in studies on these art and how they affect people with asthma as well as other respitatory problems. Maybe I will try to do some studies in a few years. If I get the time…