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The Google crew tries to learn from and teach each other. Now qigong is in focus: Teaching awareness at Google: Breathe easy and come into focus

Fun, don’t you think? They even give away some basic anti-stress stuff:

Tips and tricks to help you de-stress

  1. Focus on your breath. Take a few moments to allow your mind and body to relax even if it’s just for one or two long deep breaths—make sure you can physically see your belly and chest rise. Taking just one minute a day can make a significant difference.

  2. Think of your favorite things. Positive thoughts can give a way to a more positive attitude and outlook.

  3. Try to focus on one thing. See if you can sit back and tackle your tasks one piece at a time, as if you were working on a puzzle piece by piece. Eventually, it will come together in a systematic way!

But you know, c’mon, it must be easy to handle stress if you work at Google. Not only are you allowed to more or less come and go as you please, but also your future is pretty safe if you work or have worked for this organization.

The real problems for stress are unemployment, low status work, work without any good future carreer etc. The best trick to handle stress for anyone is about getting rich or to find a really fun and rewarding job. Or maybe get out of a bad marriage.

Do you really think that these Google guys need any kind of stress reduction? Who do they think they are fooling!?