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You might have heard about or even read The Tai Chi Classics. My next project is to translate, explain and comment hopefully all of the different texts and books which are together called the  “taiji classics”. I will start with the 太極拳論 Taijiquan lun or Taijiquan Jing as it is often called, right away, a text which is usually attributed to the semi-mythical Zhang Sanfeng. He probably didn’t write a shit, but this is what some people believe anyway. When I started reading this first of the texts in original, I was surprised when I understood how simple and to the point it actually is. In my opinion it’s a simple and most practical boxing manual and have very little to do with mystical mumbo-jumbo.

Therefore I will translate and discuss each passage in the most practical, no-nonsens, common sense manner as possibly. You will get the characters and explanation of the terms so that it’s easier to judge and contemplate on the meaning by yourself. With traditional Chinese, it’s always pointless to just translate the characters one by one, so I will explain the verses and let you know what I think that they mean.

But I won’t give you everything together at once, but instead take a few passages in different posts. This way I don’t need to hurry with the translations and you won’t need to take in too much at once. Just read and reflect on a few verses at a time. Well, just jump to the next post, I will start right away with the first three verses.

Just look up all of the translation here: The Tai Chi Classics