In this world of martial arts, from teachers, practitioners and “knowers” we are faced with Shameless Self-promotion, Money Makers, Master Worship, Mystification, simplified short cuts methods, Over-simplification, Useless Homemade Junk, and much much more.

Everyday when we encounter martial artists, read forums, communicate with groups, watching youtube etc., much of what we receive is based on selfish intention.

How much do we need to know to separate truth from false? What is your own responsible for not getting fooled? Often when I hear people who study Tai chi, qigong, yoga and similar arts, I ask them “what style?” To my surprise, they can not answer. They know very, very little about what they do, what branch, school or style, about their  teacher’s background and even about what they want ton accomplish with their practice.

Are you honest to yourself about what you do? Do you know what you want? Do you have a set goal? Do you take responsibility for what you do with your mind and your body? In the beginning, many of us don’t know what we strive for, what our goal is, what we want. But I believe that these are very important questions that you need to ask yourself. You don’t want to practice something worse when you can get something better. You want the best teacher in the neighborhood, practice the style and art that is suited most for yourself, your personality and your goals.

If you don’t make any effort to understand what is trash and what has value, you might be standing in a garbage bin, day after day, year after year. And one day, suddenly maybe you will wake up and discover where you have chosen to stand. Will you accept that someone else tells you what is trash and what has value, or will you take your own responsibility and examine it all by yourself?

Be honest towards yourself and take responsibility.