I am not going to dwell on what the term “internal” means or from where it comes. I just want to make one point clearer. This is a bout one difference between internal art and the external arts of Kung Fu.

There’s something quite obvious actually I am going to state. But it’s a very important thing and I am going to try to say it slightly differently. The external methods deal foremost with working on things you already can do and do all of the time. It’s about refining skills and to do things “more”.

The internal arts do something else. They teach you to move and work with your body in ways that you are not used to. You need to learn to work with your balance, body movement in ways that will feel completely new and unexperienced by a beginner. They will work with different muscles and bod movements when it comes to striking, throwing and defensive maneuvers.

If you look at clips by certain practitioners from the internal arts, you might have a feeling that you witness certain qualities that external practitioners don’t have. Your feeling and your eyes does not deceive you. Only years of certain ways of practice can develop these qualities.