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Stay true to the basics.
All of the time. Anytime.
This is your fundament.

Relax, posture, balance, calmness.
A natural deep breath.

Drop the weight down the legs,
down through the ground.

An alert and focused mind,
Aliveliness in stillness
as well as in movement.

These are the basics, your fundament,
Something always to be remembered,
always to be practiced,
whenever Tai Chi is practiced.

This is called to always keep
the integrity of Shenfa (body method).
Never lose it.

Without your tai chi body,
nothing you do will be tai chi.

Before you have develeped your tai chi body,
nothing you do will be tai chi.

Develop it and
your stance will be steady,
the legs rooted,
the mind calm,
the whole body alert.

Always be ready to follow
and change.

A beginner strive to understand the basics.
An intermediate student works with the basics.
An advanced practitioner always stay true to the basics.

Even in the midst of fire,
in battle or in stress,
be calm,
return to the basics.
And the tai chi body will shape itself.