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[b]A simple two person exercise.[/b]
One person study tai chi and the tai chi touch as a defender,
the other one attacks.

Light as a feather,
the contact point is on the outside of the skin.
Harder pressure that goes past the skin
numbs it.
The best sensativity is on the top of the skin.
Practice to feel the difference.

Start from contact, but keep it light.
Just skin touching skin
as lightly as possible.
Relax, soften the hands.
Be calm and breath naturally.
But remain in a firm, comfortable stance
toes grasping the ground.

Then, let the other person go to attack.
Try keeping the contact
as light as a feather.

Follow, stick, evade,
fill in the gaps like water,

How do you keep the lightest touch
light enough,
as you defend and
try to evade the incoming attack?
You will be surprised.

Just take the leap of faith,
keep the touch as light as possible.
Trust your body –
it knows.
You will be surprised.

Yet, timing is of outmost importance
as well as a sense of distance.
Remember to move as soon as the opponent moves.
Just as in tuishou,
move together with the opponent
at exactly the same speed.
As soon as your opponent moves,
turn your body slightly.
If you let your hand
it will stick to your opponent
without any conscious thought or effort,
keeping the lightest touch.

Never compromise posture,
balance, calmness, softness,
or the lightness of the touch.
They all must be kept together.
Then you can achieve
the state of Emptiness
where everything happen by itself.

Your body knows –
you don’t need to think about what to do.
Just let it happen.
Trust my words,
you will be surprised.