Many search questions people find me through search engines to this are about Tai Chi as a martial art, how it works as combat. Does Tai Chi work as self defence? Or does it? One search term I have encountered several times lately is the same as the name of this post: “Tai Chi is Bullshit”. The funny thing is that I have never had that phrase as a question. No, it’s a statement, Tai Chi is Bullshit. Ok, thanks for telling me. Now I know, Tai Chi sucks.

It has been a lot of attacks on Tai Chi lately in social media. People are trying to discuss tai chi as a martial art and keep their plattform a “Woo-Woo free zone“. I can accept that Tai Chi can be hard to grasp. But trying to turn the art away from it’s own roots, from it’s own culture and history, will turn it into something even more uncomprehandable. If you don’t work hard trying to understand it for what it is, I can understand that you will continue to look at it as bullshit. Your shit will be fake.