Three years, time moves too fast. Time moves like a high speed train, always accelerating towards the end station. What is three years in the perspective of a life time? Nothing really. But when you look back at it, at least when I do, it seems like a long time.

So I started this blog for three years ago. I didn’t really know where to bring it. I am happy that people from the start still follows it, even though I made a break on almost one whole year. Actually, I didn’t know where to take this blog or what I wanted to do with it. I had an idea to trying to make a blog that reached a whole lot of people by writing about Chinese martial arts, medicine and philosophy. But I made it like a diary or notebook just to have somewhere to write down my almost thirty years of thoughts. And it became a blog about Tai Chi and only about this art.

Tai Chi is too personal for me. I don’t think I ever could commercialize my Tai Chi or myself in regards to this art. In fact, I do have another blog, but this blog is about movies. But this one is in Swedish only. For about five years ago when I worked hard on it, it reached about 3000 unique visitors every day. And I will tell you that in Sweden, this is already really good. But somewhere I lost my soul in blogging. I was good on commercializing the subject, something I could never do with Tai Chi. This blog also helped me to gain a bit soul again in writing and I found a more personal way to express myself again.

I will try to continue writing on this blog, sporadically, maybe a few times every month, maybe more. As soon I have something good to say, I will write it down. If I get time, I’ll make some videos as well. Not now, but maybe next year. I have changed the tagline on the blog to better fit what the blog have become. You are always welcome to give me suggestions. What do you want to read about? Please write your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading and for listening.