Nowadays I don’t write very often on this blog. And I write very seldom on it with just a few days in between. From working with other blogs and different homepages, I have learned that if you want to develop a blog consistency is the key. You should write on a regular basis and keep the same quality on everything you put in. People need to know what to expect if they are going to return frequently.

But developing a well visited blog with tons of frequent visitors has never been my goal with this blog.  I just use it like a diary or a note-book. I put down my thoughts here to collect them. Sometimes when I start writing a blog post, it turns into something completely different. Just like this post. I planned to write about Daoism in daily life. I’ll return to it later, don’t worry.

Besides sporadically keep up writing down more random thoughts on this blog, I also plan one or a few books about Tai Chi. So I use this blog to sum up my ideas and test them to myself and expose them for readers. It’s interesting to see what has interested the readers these few years, how they have searched for the information and found this blog and what they like. This blog is very personal. It’s all about my own view and my personal thoughts. And if I really write a book or two about Tai Chi, they will also not become commercial mainstream books. But they, or at least the first book I plan, will be very, very personal and be about Tai Chi solely from my own personal perspective and experience.

The best teacher I’ve had said to me that I shouldn’t take Tai Chi too seriously, that I was young and had a lot of time to explore and develop the art. Very wise words to someone who live with this art 24/7 and thinks about it every day and how to develop it further… Still, at least for some periods, I have been struggling to keep practicing. Today, I know that I will carry with me this art as long as I live and I will continue practicing. Yet, I feel stronger than ever before that there is indeed a fight, but that it’s a fight that goes deeper. How can I preserve and develop my knowledge into tools that I can give to others? I don’t know. I’ve learned a lot that I can’t fully handle yet. I have started to practice more active, found some old friends that I can practice with. If I am ever going to start a new group again I don’t know. First, I want to explore further how to better share some certain parts of my knowledge, how to develop those tools for what I want to do. Maybe writing that book I plan will be a good start. I don’t know. The future is constantly changing. So we’ll see what the future have to offer…

…I will expect nothing else except for the best…