Tai Chi Guide

This is my Guide to Tai Chi Chuan. Here I have arranged some of the most important and popular posts after themes, concepts and terms, so that you easily can find your way through the blog and learn about Tai Chi Chuan in a structured manner through what I have posted here.


General Tai Chi

Some posts with general ideas for Tai Chi practice. You can find a lot more stuff on the blog, but this is stuff I believe that any Tai Chi practitioner should know or could be helped by knowing about.


Guide on learning & teaching Tai Chi Chuan

Learning is what we all do, teaching Tai Chi is what some of use choose do do. Being a teacher can be a great way to learn more and to understand what you already know. But first, we need to understand the art of learning. This might guide you:


Tai Chi history & philosophy


Tai Chi styles


Tai Chi form practice


Push Hands


A Tai Chi guide to terms and Concepts:

Ba jin


Song / relaxation

Yi /Intent


Tools – The Tai Chi Ruler 


On fighting and self defence

Internal practice and concepts


Random and general thoughts, not necessarily Tai Chi only



Please also take a look at the few Tai Chi  Q&A Interviews I have published so far: